October 2009

This outline should be printed for each attendant.  Additionally, please print all items in #3 below as a packet.


  1. Introduction
    1. Introduce yourself and give certification level, etc and any official position held (officials chairman, etc)


  1. Thank your clinic attendees for their commitment to the sport of swimming
    1. Return received is more than your investment

                                                              i.      Meets will no longer be boring – you will be involved

                                                            ii.      You will realize a more full relationship with your child

                                                          iii.      You will be “on the deck” where all the action takes place


  1. Introduce handout packet and briefly comment about each form
    1. Packet Contents

                                                              i.      ISI officials application

                                                            ii.      USA swimming non-athlete application

                                                          iii.      Indiana officials standards

                                                          iv.      Website addresses for test taking and rulebook (Discuss which tests need to be taken)

                                                            v.      Meet officials and coaches sign-in form

                                                          vi.      Officials Position Assignment form

                                                        vii.      Recommended USA swimming stroke briefing

                                                      viii.      Rule changes in effect (not yet published in the rule book, if any)

                                                          ix.      ISI disqualification form

                                                            x.      Relay takeoff forms


  1. Golden Rule:  The benefit of the doubt ALWAYS goes to the swimmer!
    1. Only call what you see, not what you do not see (i.e. one hand touch)
    2. Never discuss a swimmer’s action with another official just prior to making a call
    3. Do not call a violation if you are unsure
    4. Always ask questions
    5. Scan lanes, even when empty.   Do not focus on one or two swimmers


  1. Discuss Pool Layout and positions of deck officials
    1. Officials required

                                                              i.      Referee, starter, S/T, etc.

    1. Officials positioning
    2. Rotation
    3. Hospitality


  1. Show Video
    1. Read stroke rules for each stroke BEFORE viewing the video for that stroke and discuss any rule changes not yet shown in the videos
    2. Stop during the video and explain as necessary.


  1. Discuss Attire for Officiating
    1. Shirts, pants/shorts, shoes, credentials
    2. Protocol while on duty, look professional


  1. Pre-Meet Check-in
    1. Sign-in Sheet
    2. Notify Meet Director/Referee (especially if you are apprenticing)
    3. Officials Meeting

-          stroke briefing

-          jurisdiction

-          DQ procedure

-          specific rotation

-          Etc.


  1. Disqualification Procedure
    1. Raise your hand
    2. Referee or Chief Judge will come over and ask;

                                                              i.      What lane?

                                                            ii.      Where were you standing?

                                                          iii.      What did you observe?

                                                          iv.      What does the rule say?

    1. Having a DQ form in your pocket for reference will help you to remember the rules.
    2. Officiate every meet the same and enforce all rules continually (consistency)
    3. CJ or referee will complete DQ form.  YOU need be sure to check that it actually indicates what you observed.


  1. Distance Events
    1. Number of officials may be reduced for these events
    2. Gun lap
    3. Lap counters and correct procedure
    4. Lap counter forms for officials/timers


  1. Administrative functions
    1. Briefly explain each function: Computer operators, timing console operators, timing judges, clerk of course
    2. General procedures set by meet entry letter: scratches, event order, scoring, etc.
    3. Seeding of events (prelim/finals or timed finals)

                                                              i.      See attached seeding charts

    1. Resolution of lane/heat malfunctions

                                                              i.      See attached timing resolution examples


  1. After the meet or session
    1. Get your card signed in the appropriate place by the meet or deck referee
    2. Each session counts toward fulfillment of apprentice sessions or recertification requirements, regardless of length of session or events swum.
    3. Have the meet or deck referee sign a card or paper if you have not yet received your credentials.


  1. Completing application forms
    1. Forms mailed directly to ISI after successful completion of tests
    2. Tests taken online only (see section 14 below)
    3. Fees sent with applications to ISI


  1. Taking the tests
    1. You will be required to register on the USA Swimming website prior to taking any tests
    2. Download a copy of the rulebook.  It is helpful to keep that window open and complete the tests in a separate window.  You may also print the pages you need instead of using an online copy.  Refer to “How to Become an ISI Official” for page references, found on the ISI website.
    3. Select the online test to be taken.  List of tests required for technical and/or admin certification is shown on the handout page distributed earlier (Again, discuss which tests are to be taken).  Please point out that the tests needed are on the IN Officials Application. 
    4. Complete the online test and submit for grading.  You can save and continue later if you desire.  Be sure to complete all questions completely, especially if you start and stop multiple times.
    5. The test results will be sent to the test taker and to ISI.
    6. Upon receipt of ALL required test results, fees and application forms; ISI will process the application and forward credentials to the applicant.


  1. Enjoy yourself and remember we really do need you in order to provide a professional and enjoyable environment for our children to swim in.